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Loving a City, Loving a Person

Today marks the 3 month anniversary of my arrival in Sydney. I say anniversary because I’ve been developing a relationship with Sydney, and like any relationship, it is important that milestones are marked (though I have never been a good one at remembering anniversaries in my other relationships).

So where are we in three months? We’ve warmed up to each other; in fact, I’d even go so far as to say we like each other quite a bit. I’m taking note of the things I find delight in when I come across them, and Sydney has held up her bargain by serving up fresh reasons to love her daily. I’d say that falling for this city is a more conscious experience than Seattle, where one day I looked around and realized I had fallen deeply, magnificently in love without realizing it. With Sydney, I take note of the things she offers, hold them out in front of me and examine them, then tuck them away into the ever-growing pouch of love mementos I’ve been collecting.

I’ve been doing much the same with examining how my interpersonal relationships work as well. Being far from the ones you love is difficult. Trying to evolve a connection with another is even more difficult. So I looked around for some inspiration and ideas. Of course, Marc and Angel have a solid set of thoughts on the subject, and I’ve been mulling over the below thoughts as well. My relationship with Sydney has been quite easy, relatively. It’s easy to love when it’s new and fresh, when every discovery is a delightful wonder. But I hear complaints from my friends who are the natives, with a lifetime of learning about all the warts, deficiencies, and ways she fails them. But even with a firmer focus on her flaws than I have, they love her too. Because she just like me she gives them reasons to love her despite all her flaws. She still works to make us love her, every day. And maybe that’s the trick to it all, both parties wanting to make it work. Even when circumstances and differences get in the way.

I never used to think relationships were complicated, but life lately has been once again proving me wrong.

No matter what happens though, at least I’ll still have Sydney. Here’s to us!










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